Roy Quilor

Designer who loves to code and prototype with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Learner, maker and Pokemon GO player.

CSS Purge

CSS files can get large and hard to maintain. I looked at top sites and how css is used.

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CSS Purge

Hundo IV

Apply search strings to filter the best Pokemon. Copy and paste webapp to save time.

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Hundo IV app


Minimal top 25 Crypto currencies. Inspired by Google fonts and monospaced typeface.

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Cryptomonos app
Theo Bonham Carter Lucidworks

Roy is a very nice, very accomplished UX/UI designer who delivers spot on work. In my time working with him, our company saw him as a key contributor to the development of our products, and as a high value, trusted member of the client services team. He has an enviable eye for detail and the ability to really focus on the end user at every stage along a journey: leading to truly valuable work.

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