Roy Quilor

Freelance UI Designer helping early-stage tech startups with their MVP.

Music app home screen designed in Figma based on Shadcn/UI
Form settings screen designed in Figma based on Shadcn/UI
Projects screen designed in Figma
Projects screen designed in Figma with a different visual style
Tasks screen table designed in Figma based on Shadcn/UI
Team table screen designed in Figma
Team card screen designed in Figma
Minimal team table screen designed in Figma
Team list view screen designed in Figma

Shadcn/UI examples recreated in Figma

A base UI library that considers accessibility.

Football Manager dark mode design concept designed in Figma
Football Manager light mode design concept designed in Figma

Football Manager UI Design Concept

I created a minimal theme in Figma based on Shadcn/UI library.

Web design template home page for a AI visual studio
Web design work page for a AI visual studio
Web design about page with some founder AI generated portraits
Blog post page design
Mobile web design template home page for a AI visual studio
Mobile web design work page for a AI visual studio
Mobile web design about page with some founder AI generated portraits
Mobile blog post page design

Website Design Template AI Visuals

Digital product built in Framer and designed in Figma.


UI Designer from the 80s

I am interested in collaborating with early-stage startups, founders, agencies and indie makers who are looking to elevate their product's user interface design.

I enhance digital products with design systems in Figma and development using HTML and Tailwind CSS.


Upcoming creations for 2024



My small studio where I work with startups and agencies to design their products.


Software development agency needed some fresh eyes and design concepts for their marketing site.


I designed screens for their ecommerce web3 product.


I designed some screens for their SaaS product to help startups find their product market fit.


At an early stage, I helped with UI UX design and contributed to the front end to launch their marketing websites and apps.



Getting to work with Roy proved to be a fantastic experience. I am based on the west coast of the US, so we're on significantly different time zones. And, I have a fully remote team. Roy fit in quickly. He had no trouble taking initial direction and then developing great designs asynchronously. I often tell people it's like I get to wake up to Christmas presents.

Justin Kistner · Founder


I needed someone to come and help me with not only UI/UX but also design and front end work, including some Angular - which sounds like a tall order but I was very grateful to Roy for filling that role for almost three years while we got our startup from more of a concept to a reality.

Gus Joyce · Head of Development


I had the chance to work with Roy over a six-month project. Throughout, he was an incredible communicator, always had great designs and conversations to push the project forward, and listened carefully to feedback and implemented them precisely as requested.

Jason Glaspey · Head of Product


  1. 01


    Let's understand your product and user.

  2. 02


    Agree on the problem and the solution.

  3. 03


    Look at the competitors and the market. Can we reuse existing patterns.

  4. 04


    Create wireframes to share with the team. When the team is happy, I create low/mid/high fidelity screens to get the final approval.

  5. 05


    Provide designs in Figma or start developing the screens with Tailwind CSS. I can pair up with a developer to implement it in the codebase.




I started a Youtube channel to share my learnings. I like to learn new things to build UI such as Twitter and Nike store with Next JS and Radix UI to understand more about components. I am currently making digital products on design templates. Last year, I got to work on some cool projects, a Web3 design, a guest screening app and a neat Saas tool to help you find your product market fit.



I work closely with developers, product owners, marketers and founders. This is where the magic happens and being open to feedback to grow as a designer.


User-centered design

Let's understand the person who will use the product. What are their pain-points and how can we help them achieve their goals. This is a great way to align a team to build the right product.


  • Figma

    Design app to create all design work. Great for design systems, UI libraries, users can leave feedback.

  • Tailwind CSS

    My designs are based on their systems for text, spacing, colors, shadows. This aligns with code that adopts this framework.

  • Shadcn/UI

    UI library built on top of Radix UI primitives with accessibility. I find it great to get started to build your UI designs.

  • Loom

    I have worked with clients in the United States and have shared video links talking about design updates in Figma.

  • Framer

    Publish beautiful sites for your products.